5 best seasons in Miami Dolphins franchise history

Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports /
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#3 best season in Miami Dolphins history: 1973

How could the second of the only two Super Bowl victories in franchise history end up at third on the list? We’ll get to Mr. Marino in a second.

The Dolphins followed their undefeated 1972 season with a performance that was nearly as dominant as their historic year, though it didn’t appear so in the win column. But Miami was incredibly difficult to defeat. Their defense ranked number 1 in the league, which, paired with their top-5 ranked offense, made for one of the best teams in the history of the franchise.

The Dolphins would lose just two games during the 1973 regular season, and their victories included margins of victory of 44, 28, and 27 points. They kept it rolling in the playoffs, defeating both the Bengals and Raiders handily before meeting the Vikings in Super Bowl VIII. Minnesota proved no match for Miami, as the Dolphins won their second championship in a row.

It would be the end of the reign of that particular group and would be the last Super Bowl appearance for Miami for another 12 years. They have only made it back to the big game one time since, and have been ringless since that 1973 season.