5 best seasons in Miami Dolphins franchise history

Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports /
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Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

#2 best season in Miami Dolphins history: 1984

Yes, 1973 was the Super Bowl season. But 1984 is arguably far further ingrained in the brains of Miami Dolphins fans that are of a certain age today.

The team was good in 1982. So good in fact that they didn’t own a selection in the 1983 Draft until late in the first round. But they selected a quarterback out of the University of Pittsburgh that would become the best player in franchise history.

Dan Marino only started 9 games during his rookie season, but he showed flashes of what was to come and put it on display for the world during the 1984 campaign.

That year saw Marino become the first quarterback to throw for over 5,000 yards in a single season while throwing for 48 touchdowns, records that stood for 37 and 33 years, respectively. Since the changes in the rules just 12 years ago, those records have been broken a combined 14 times over. But that doesn’t take away from Marino’s record-setting season. In fact, it makes it that much more impressive.

The Dolphins made it to the Super Bowl that year but fell to the mighty San Francisco 49ers. But we knew that we had what was possibly the best quarterback in the league and that he’d lead us back to the big game plenty of times over the next decade and a half. Right? Right?