5 best seasons in Miami Dolphins franchise history

Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Dan Marino Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports /
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#1 best season in Miami Dolphins history: 1972

As if there would be any question as to which was the best season in franchise history. As the record so obviously shows, the 1972 campaign for the Miami Dolphins was also the best season in modern North American sports history.

All Miami Dolphins know the story. In fact, they know it so well that they’re ready to throw it at you as a counter in nearly any football-related argument. The team led by third-year head coach Don Shula and veteran quarterbacks Bob Griese and Earl Moral rolled through the regular season in dominating fashion. Their offense was ranked first in both points and yards, and the same could be said for their defense. Their average margin of victory was 15.3 points, easily the highest in team history.

In the playoffs, Miami defeated the Browns and Steelers on their way to their second Super Bowl appearance in as many years. They would defeat the Redskins in Super Bowl VII by a score of 14-7, a lackluster game that was highlighted by Miami kicker Garo Yepremian’s career lowlight when he embarrassingly threw a pick-6 off of a botched field goal. But they were victorious and earned the right to be called the greatest team in any sport, ever.

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