Xavien Howard is eyeing the Miami Dolphins record for INTs

Xavien Howard(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Xavien Howard(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

Xavien Howard isn’t the best cornerback in Miami Dolphins history but he is pretty close and by the time his career is over, he will be.

This year, Howard can ascend to the top of the proverbial Miami mountain and etch his name in Dolphins lore, as well as the record books. I’m talking about the interception record.

Currently, the Dolphins’ record for career INTs sits at 35 and is owned by Jake Scott. Scott posted his record from 1970 to 1975 until he was traded to the Redskins after a tiff with Don Shula. Had he stayed, this conversation might go just a tad different.

Instead, we are talking about Xavien Howard‘s pursuit of this statistical achievement.

Howard is nearing the top of this mountain and he could hold the record by the end of the season, in fact, fans might be disappointed if he is not.

Entering 2022, Howard has 27 career INTs and that puts him 8 from tieing Scott and 9 from breaking the record. Most recently, Sam Madison, 31, and Patrick Surtain, 29 came close but couldn’t get there. If Howard can’t do it this year, it is hard to imagine him not doing it next year.

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Through his career, Howard has only posted more than 7 interceptions in a season once, he had 10 in 2020. Last year, he had five. He has the ability to hit 10 again and if he does, it would be pretty cool to be at that game.

Howard is also two pick-6’s away from tieing Reshad Jones and Zach Thomas for the most in team history. Both have four.

When Howard is put up against the rest of the NFL, he has a long way to go as he ranks 250th overall in the NFL for interceptions. He is 54 INTs behind the NFL all-time leader, Paul Krause who finished his career with 81.