Miami Dolphins have options for kick and punt returner guys

Lynn Bowden Jr. Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Lynn Bowden Jr. Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Canada’s favorite son was signed a few months ago mainly to be the return guy for the Miami Dolphins

I wrote about this signing when it happened and I am still very much intrigued by it. DeVonte Dedmon is potentially the second-best athlete to come out of Canada since Dino Bravo was special teams ace in the CFL.

DeVonte Dedmon, which is a stellar name, averaged 15.4 yards per punt return and 25 yards per kick return for the Ottawa Redblacks last year.

Dedmon has the most experience not only on this list but on the whole Miami Dolphins team. I would imagine he will get the first crack at being the return guy. As well he should.

The issue is going to be whether or not Mike McDaniel will want to roster Dedmon on the team and take up one of the receiver slots for a guy who probably won’t see much action at wide receiver. I can be way wrong on that but I just have a feeling it’s return guy or bust for Dedmon.

I love how he took a big hit in a pile of people and was still able to get to top speed. That’s what I want out of my return guy.

DeVonte Dedmon is here to be the return guy. I hope he does enough to make Mike McDaniel really consider keeping him because he has enough wiggle and balance to potentially even provide a catch here and there. Remember, Dedmon was signed before McDaniel was hired. Perhaps, Dedmon was the reason he came to Miami. That would be hilarious.