Miami Dolphins have options for kick and punt returner guys

Lynn Bowden Jr. Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Lynn Bowden Jr. Miami Dolphins (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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An LBJ that we can finally be proud of, Bowden has the attributes to be a crafty return guy with the ability to flip many fields

For me, Lynn Bowden one of the more interesting if not the most interesting current member of the Miami Dolphins team. He has the potential to be a real difference-maker on offense, not in a Deebo Samuel role because that’s just silly to think could happen but his ability to play multiple positions makes him very intriguing.

Or, he doesn’t even make the team. I wouldn’t be shocked if that happens either.

LBJ sat out last year with an injury. He had an injury that could have taken half the year to heal from. But the brain trust that was formerly here running the show decided it better to keep him out all year so that they can use him fully healthy this year. I think they thought they were stacked at the receiver position so Bowden wouldn’t have a place. Turns out, they were incredibly wrong.

I think LBJ will have a place on this team as a receiver. I think he makes the top five or six that Mike McDaniel will keep. There are too many possibilities with Bowden’s game to cut him. At least I think there’s not.

That all being said, I would certainly see if LBJ can transfer some of his naturally, athletic skills to the return world. I think it’s a transition that he can make.

Even though LBJ doesn’t have any return experience in the NFL or college, I think he has the skill-set to be a solid punt returner.

LBJ has that shifty, quick first step that I love out of my slot receiver, He has the moves in the open field to make guys miss even though he’s not a burner of a runner. And I also just think he’s built to make plays. Just get the ball into his hands and I’m decently confident that he can make positive plays happen.

Do I have a ton of evidence to go on? Nope. Just a couple of games from two seasons ago when he was a rookie. He showed me that he can make plays out of nothing. He showed he can make plays when it appears that the play is dead. That’s being a punt returner. I think LBJ(it be really nice if this sticks) would be up for it and I think he could do some wonderful things with that role.