Miami Dolphins have options for kick and punt returner guys

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A little bit of outside-of-the-box thinking but that might be a staple in a Mike McDaniel-led team

Erik Ezukanma was the Miami Dolphins 4th round pick from this past draft. He’s never returned a kick or a punt. I would say that he has a very good chance of making the final roster and I’m basing that solely on that I just don’t see many 4th rounders straight-up released before the season starts.

Ezukanma is 6’3 205LBs. I know that might be a bit too tall for some and I can understand that. I think most of us have a type when it comes to their return guy as being a Tarik Cohen type. I think those days are sort of gone as being the only way to approach the return specialist position.

Ezuknam, or Zu as I hope he likes to be called because that’s what I want to call him, has similar skills as DeVonte Dedmon. He’s shifty in the open field but not a traditional speed guy. He can play multiple positions and can be lined up anywhere on the field on offense. With the ball in his hands, he understands angles and does some wonderful things in a crowd. Zu has no problem delivering a hit or absorbing one and staying on his feet.

What I particularly enjoy about Zu’s running style is that there are no wasted movements. He knows he’s not often going to run by someone or around them. Yes, he is aware that he has the moves to break ankles but he also knows that getting downhill and hitting the smallest crevice of daylight is usually the right play. Using that 6’3 think frame is what will yield a solid punt return average.

I don’t know if Mike McD will entertain the idea of Erik Ezukanma as his return man but I would expect he will at least throw the idea out there. I think is a playmaker and being the team’s punt returner is a great way to get the young guy some run and make some of those plays.

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