Miami Dolphins memory lane: A 2000s mock draft

Jason Taylor Miami Dolphins (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Jason Taylor Miami Dolphins (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images) /
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For the past 22 years, the Miami Dolphins have only appeared in the playoffs twice, neither resulting in a win, but has featured impressive talent.

While the team might be lacking in wins, they have had a multitude of high-quality players, including Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers. Mixing different eras, coaches, and uniforms, these pairing would excite any Dolphins fan.

Following the draft and waiting for training camp, it was time to go down memory lane and draft together four teams featuring Miami Dolphins players that I have watched. This draft includes:

  • One Head Coach
  • Four offensive players
    • One quarterback
    • Two offensive skill players
    • One offensive lineman
  • Four defensive players
    • One defensive lineman
    • One linebacker
    • Two defensive backs
  • Two Specialist
    • One kicker or punter
    • One returner

This draft is to see what a combination of the top players for the Dolphins of the past twenty-plus years would look like. Players like Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, and others were left out since I don’t have a clear memory of watching them. This team will feature more recent Dolphins players to keep players up to date.

The coaches and teams will include:

White – Brian Flores

Aqua Green – Joe Philbin

Orange – Tony Sparano

Navy Blue – Adam Gase

The draft order was determined through a randomizer and will be a serpentine-ordered draft throughout all ten rounds.