Introducing the Miami Dolphins optimum running back room

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Chase Edmonds Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Sony Michel was brought in to be the Shield version of Roman Reigns of the running back room which is to say he’s their somewhat powerback.

This guy had his moments against us when he was on the Patriots and he certainly had moments last year helping the Rams win the Super Bowl.

Believe it or not, Michel had 845 yards on the ground with a 4.1 average. He also had 128 yards receiving on 21 catches. He’s certainly more of a traditional running back but he’s quite capable of being a back you have to respect coming out of the backfield.

I wrote somewhat of a powerback because I personally don’t think Michel is your classic powerback. I think he’s going to be used in that 3rd and short-yardage situation at times(which probably means that’s not going to happen) but I don’t love it. This website has done a great job of directing 3rd and short situations. It doesn’t paint a great picture of how Sony Michel did with that last year.

But this isn’t to say that Sony Michel is incapable of getting the tough yardage. I figure the offense isn’t going to be as straightforward. I believe Mike McDaniel’s scheme and play calling will have a good amount of misdirection even in short-yardage situations. I think Michel can do very well in that situation because of McDaniel’s brain.

Michel isn’t a burner, he isn’t a bruiser. He’s kind of a jack of all trades ace of none type of guy. That’s perfect because a big part of the Mike McDaniel offense is not tipping the defense off what is coming. With Michel in the game, there’s as much of a chance of a pass than a run. That’s a hallmark of what I think we’re going to see come September.

Edmunds is the starter but Michel very well may be the guy to ice the game when the Miami Dolphins have the lead in the 4th quarter. That’ll be nice.