Introducing the Miami Dolphins optimum running back room

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Chase Edmonds Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Obviously, not everyone is going to make the Miami Dolphins’ final roster.

I would bet that undrafted rookie, Zaquandre White, makes the practice squad. I think Mike McDaniel knows running backs very well and the fact that he signed him after the draft tells me that he really likes White. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we end up seeing Zaquandre White in an actual game sooner than later. I love this line from Mike McDaniel about Zaquandre White. It’s such a simple line that cuts through all the useless football jargon that you usually get. It’s why I love McDaniel’s approach.

I don’t see Myles Gaskin making the team. I like him, he’s done very well being a 7th-round pick but as I said Mike McDaniel knows the position and what it demands and I don’t think Myles Gaskin fits the mold. He doesn’t have the vision that is required and he goes down way too easily for not being a burner.

Maybe they somehow are able to trade him towards the end of camp as injuries take place throughout the league. I can’t see getting more than a 6th for him but I would take that. I’d take a 7th as well. Get something for him if you can.

Ahmed, even though Mike McDaniel is familiar with him from their time in San Francisco may get practice squared as well or just released.

I think Doaks are simply going to be cut.

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