Miami Dolphins: 10 best games of Dan Marino’s career

Dan Marino Miami Dolphins.Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports
Dan Marino Miami Dolphins.Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports /
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#8: October 8th, 1992 vs. Patriots

21 of 30/ 294 yards/ 4TD/ 1INT/ 126.9 rating

The numbers don’t jump off of the page, but Dan Marino had one of his most efficient days during Miami’s Week 7 game against the Patriots in 1992. His 21 for 30, four-touchdown performance was enough to keep the Dolphins undefeated and rank as the 10th best in terms of QB rating. The only blemish on the day was a single interception.

#7: November 1st, 1987 vs. Steelers

25 of 31/ 332 yards/ 4TD/ 2INT/ 124 rating

Arguably the most efficient game of his career, Marino couldn’t miss against the Steelers in 1987. His completion percentage of 80.65 was the second-best of his career, and he was able to throw for four scores as well. He had just six passes that didn’t reach the hands of his receivers, two of them being interceptions, meaning that the ball hit the ground just four times all day.

#6: September 30th, 1984 @ Cardinals

24 of 36/ 429 yards/ 3TD/ 0INT/ 135.1 rating

It was the 5th game of Marino’s historic 1984 season, and the Dolphins defeated the St. Louis Cardinals in order to remain undefeated. The game ranked 5th in QBR and 7th in yards in a single game, and his completion percentage of 66 was an impressive cherry on top of the day.