Miami Dolphins: 10 best games of Dan Marino’s career

Dan Marino Miami Dolphins.Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports
Dan Marino Miami Dolphins.Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports /
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Dan Marino Miami DolphinsMandatory Credit: Photo By USA TODAY Sports © Copyright USA TODAY Sports /

#5: December 4th, 1988 vs. Colts

26 of 32/ 304 yards/ 3TD/ 1INT/124.5 rating

The most accurate day of Marino’s career somehow resulted in a loss, but that doesn’t take away from the eye-popping numbers he had that day. 26 completions on 32 attempts were good enough for the highest completion percentage he ever achieved, and he added over 300 yards as well as 3 touchdowns. If it weren’t for the one interception, it would have an argument for the best game of Marino’s career.

#4: November 24th, 1986 vs. Jets

29 of 36/ 288 yards/ 4TD/ 0INT/137 rating

Another one at the top of the list of efficient games, Marino completed 80.56 of his passes against the Jets in Week 12 of the 1986 season and was one of his many four-touchdown performances. It was his 4th best in QB rating, which was aided heavily by his mistake-free day in the interception department. The Dolphins won 45-3.

#3: October 14th, 1984 vs. Oilers

25 of 32/ 321 yards/ 3TD/ 0INT/ 139.7 rating

Much like some of the other games on this list, Marino’s stats for the 1984 matchup with the Houston Oilers don’t jump off of the page. His 321 yards and 3 touchdowns were impressive, but it was the sheer volume at which he achieved those numbers. Marino threw the ball 32 times