Teddy Bridgewater won’t simply take a backseat on Dolphins roster

Teddy Bridgewater Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Teddy Bridgewater Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

Teddy Bridgewater was signed to a one-year deal to back up Miami Dolphins starting QB, Tua Tagovailoa but don’t buy that.

Last year, Brian Flores added Jacoby Brissett to backup Tua instead of keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick around for another season. Brissett stated that is a “Starting QB in the NFL” but when he was given a shot, he proved he wasn’t.

Teddy Bridgewater can be a starting QB in the NFL and he isn’t simply going to go through the motions during training camp. There is something to prove for Bridgewater. If not to the Dolphins then to any other team in the NFL who might doubt him or may need a quarterback.

Bridgewater is talented but his career has spiraled due to injuries. Now he is trying to prove that he still belongs and has more to offer. In Miami, he will try and prove he can lead the team to wins with more consistency than Tua. It isn’t a full competition to anyone but Bridgewater, I would assume.

Many in the media believe that Bridgewater will overtake Tua before the game against the Bengals or at the very least mid-season. That would be a perfect scenario for Bridgewater and would spell the end of Tua in Miami if that were to happen.

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Bridgewater wants to start but he also knows what his role in Miami is. He is going to push Tua to be better but he is also supporting the offense, which includes Tua as the starter.

Camp is going to be interesting especially if Tua struggles and Bridgewater doesn’t. It won’t take long for the naysayers to start cat-calling for Bridgwater if Tua isn’t practicing well. It will be a non-story early on that could become a story so, with that, the position is one to watch in camp regardless of what we might think the pecking order actually is.