Robert Jones will have to earn his roster spot in 2022

Robert Jones Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Robert Jones Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /

In 2021, the Miami Dolphins thought so highly of undrafted guard Robert Jones that they gave him a fully guaranteed contract, now he needs to earn it.

Jones, like the rest of the Dolphins’ offensive line the last few years, struggled. Whether we can attribute that to Brian Flores and his extremely poor choices for offensive coaches, or just the inexperience and development needs of Jones, it needs to change this year.

Miami is going to have training camp competitions at just about every position and for Jones, that means taking a big step forward in his development in 2022.

Jones will compete for his roster spot and it isn’t going to be a given this year. In fact, it very well could come down to Jones vs. Solomon Kindley. Personally, I don’t see both of them making the roster this year barring injuries.

Jones has a lot of upside and potential. He is 6-4 and 322 pounds and moves well for his size. In 2021, he appeared active in 8 games and started one. His lack of college experience didn’t help his development during his rookie season.

Jones attended Highland College in Kansas and then Middle Tennessee State. In his rookie season, he played 13% of his 8 games on special teams and 14% on the line. He took 79 total snaps all of last season.

Camp will be important for him this year and he could end up looking at a practice squad spot if he can’t beat out Kindley but then again, if he can’t beat out Kinley is there a spot for him on the PS? I would think so, there is talent there and it isn’t going to develop in two seasons, especially given the coaching he dealt with in year one.