Emmanuel Ogbah ranks alone at the top of the Miami Dolphins DE position

Emmanuel Ogbah Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Emmanuel Ogbah Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins defensive end position is a one-man show in our continued ranking of the players at each position. Clearly, it’s Emmanuel Ogbah.

Ranking first at defensive end is the recently re-signed Ogbah and it is not debatable. Why? Because he is the only defensive end listed on the Dolphins roster. It is true. You can view the entire Dolphins roster here.

Naturally, we would wonder about who will be playing on the opposite side of him but Miami runs an interesting scheme that could push a defensive tackle outside we also know very clearly that Jaelan Phillips is the man that lines up on the other edge.

Phillips is listed as a linebacker on the roster so it’s all good and we know that this year will be a big year for the 2nd year player. Last year Phillips was impressive and continued to get better each game, now he has to take the next step and become dominant, something he has the talent to do.

For Phillips, his next step is becoming a national name.

While not listed as a DE, Zach Sieler also will split outside from time to time but he is far more effective inside.

It really doesn’t matter where these players line up on defense. They are effective and good. Together they form a top 10 defense that can put pressure on opposing quarterbacks and are now getting much better against the run with their linebacker play.

The defense, for now, is the strength of the team, and Ogbah re-signing ahead of free agency was one of the biggest moves that were made this past off-season period as it insured the defense stayed relatively intact. Amazingly, the Dolphins’ defense only lost a couple of deeper-depth players when it was all said and done.