2022 AFC predictions and where the Miami Dolphins might land

Jaylen Waddle #17 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Jaylen Waddle #17 (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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2022 AFC predictions won’t rule out the Miami Dolphins but getting into the postseason won’t be easy for any team in this conference.

This year’s run for the post-season is going to be a long and tough battle across the entire conference. No one will have a simple path to the postseason like say, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who could probably sleep throughout the season and still win the division.

The AFC has become the toughest of the two conferences. This year alone, Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan jumped over to the AFC improving the Broncos and Colts but are they enough to get their teams to the next level?

Training camps are now in session all around the league and the build-up to the 2022 postseason has started. Who will rise to the top and will the Miami Dolphins make enough noise to get into the chase?

We start our look in the weakest of the four divisions, the AFC South.

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Some will argue that the South is no more weaker than the AFC East but I don’t think that is the case. This is a two-team race in the South and while the East may have the Jets who look better, the South has the Texans who do not.

This year, the Colts and Titans will battle out for the top of the division and I believe only one of those teams will make the playoffs. The Titans finished the 2021 season with 12 wins but they lost a big offensive weapon in A.J. Brown.

The Titans’ success will hinge on the legs of Derrick Henry and how few mistakes Ryan Tannehill makes.

The Colts, however, will bank on Matt Ryan lifting the team after a failed attempt with Carson Wentz last year.

Predictions:  The Titans will win their share of the division games but I think the Colts will be better with Ryan than the Titans will be without Brown. Division winner, Colts.