2022 AFC predictions and where the Miami Dolphins might land

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Now that we have predicted who will win the question in the AFC is where will teams actually finish and who will go to the Super Bowl?

The division winners we already predicted.

  • AFC East – Buffalo Bills
  • AFC North – Cincinnati Bengals
  • AFC South – Indianapolis Colts
  • AFC West – Las Vegas Raiders

So how does the rest of the teams in each division fare in 2022 and who makes a case for a Wild Card spot?

AFC East

  • Buffalo
  • Miami
  • New England
  • New York

AFC North

  • Cincinnati
  • Baltimore
  • Cleveland – Depending on Watson’s suspension
  • Pittsburgh

AFC South

  • Indianapolis
  • Tennessee
  • Jacksonville
  • Houston

AFC West

  • Oakland
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Kansas City
  • Denver

I think by the final month of the season, we will be talking about the Dolphins, Patriots, Titans, Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, Browns, and Ravens as it pertains to the non-division winning playoff spots. The race in the West is going to be good and at least one WC team should come from that division if not two.

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I think when the season is over, the Chiefs and Chargers both make the postseason and the final spot will come down to the Dolphins, Titans, and Broncos. Again, I’m not 100% sold that Wilson is the final piece for Denver so while I think they come close, I think they miss out.

With the Titans and Miami left I have to give the nod to the Titans because I think that the hill Mike McDaniel is climbing is a big one for his rookie year. I think Miami will be eliminated in the final week of the regular season and they very well may have double-digit wins when they are.


The Bills I believe will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year.