3 NFL HCs the Miami Dolphins should have hired over the years

Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross
Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross /
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The Miami Dolphins once only had two head coaches in their franchise’s history but inevitably that would change and not for the better.

When we think of the Dolphins’ history and the legacy we naturally think of Don Shula and then the wheels sort of fall off from there. Sure we had Jimmy Johnson who gave Dolphins fans Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Jason Taylor, and Zach Thomas but he also gave us Dave Wannstedt.

Despite the often bad taste left in your mouth when you hear “Wannstedt”, the reality is far different. Wannstedt is the only other head coach with a winning record in Miami Dolphins history. He had his problems for sure, but over the last almost two decades since he left, his place in history is much better than it probably should have been.

Funny, I met both Johnson and Wannstedt and Wannstedt was by far so much more enjoyable to talk to and a lot more open to doing it.

Onward we go. From Nick Saban to Joe Philbin, the Dolphins have had their share of coaching changes and it absolutely safe to say that none of them have been good choices. But whether it was Wayne Huizenga or Stephen Ross, the choices they made about who not to hire were equally mistakes, or at least some of them were.