3 NFL HCs the Miami Dolphins should have hired over the years

Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross
Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross /
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To be fair, Marty Schottenheimer never really had a shot to be the Dolphins’ head coach. Don Shula didn’t simply “retire”, he was pretty much asked to if we are being honest. Huizenga knew he had one shot at bringing Johnson to Miami but Shula was in the way.

The seemingly perfectly timed retirement of Shula allowed Huizenga to hire Johnson but Shula it was reported, thought Schottenheimer was the better choice.

That sentiment also seemed to play out a few years later when Johnson quit and Huizenga hired Wannstedt. There were rumors that Shula once again suggested Schottenheimer. Huizenga listed to Johnson instead and Wannstedt took over the team.

What would Marty Ball have brought to Miami? Hard to say, Schottenheimer was successful in the NFL but couldn’t get to the big game. Chances are, he would have kept Marino around for another year or so, built up the running game and maybe history would have been different.