3 NFL HCs the Miami Dolphins should have hired over the years

Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross
Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross /
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Mike Tomlin
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Too hip-hop for the Miami Dolphins has been an oft-repeated phrase when we talk about the Dolphins and Mike Tomlin.

Tomlin, to say the least, has found a lot of success with the Steelers over his career and things could have been a lot different for both had Miami not listened to one of its executives. We travel back to 2007 and wonder what might have looked different.

Miami opted for Cam Cameron over Tomlin. Tomlin was an up-and-coming coach having served as the DC for the Vikings, and Cameron the OC for the Chargers. Cameron was one and done in Miami and Tomlin has been in Pittsburgh every year since likely carving out a Hall of Fame coaching career that has two Super Bowl appearances with one victory.

The Steelers have been consistent division competitors since Tomlin arrived but he was handed a far better roster than he would have received in Miami. Would he have found the same kind of success in South Florida? Probably not given the problems Miami was dealing with at the time but he would have been better than Cameron.