3 NFL HCs the Miami Dolphins should have hired over the years

Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross
Joe Philbin talks with owner Stephen Ross /
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No one will ever forget the hoopla surrounding Jeff Fisher and the Miami Dolphins. It was an ugly show of Stephen Ross’ attempt to woo.

Jeff Fisher was the hot name entering the 2012 off-season of coaching candidates. The Dolphins fired Tony Sparano and were ready to make a big off-season move and attracting the top coaching candidate on the market was Stephen Ross’ big priority.

Ross made it known out of the gate that Fisher was his top choice and when his personal team helicopter touched down at the training facilities’ practice field, the full-court press was on.

Fisher wasn’t supposed to leave the building without a deal in place. In fact, many in the media believed that an announcement and a scheduled press conference were on the way. Instead, Fisher left Miami without a commitment to Ross.

In the days that followed, Fisher would haggle with Ross but in reality, he was using Ross to get a better deal from the Rams who were in St. Louis and closer to Fisher’s home. Irony sucks and a few years later the Rams moved to California.

Fisher didn’t give the Rams a run at the Super Bowl or really any competition in the NFC West but he did put the foundation in place that would eventually put the Rams in the Super Bowl. What he could have done with the Dolphins may have changed the team for the better, like him or not. He would have been better than Joe Philbin. In fact, Fisher may have ended the run of Philbin-Gase-Flores as well.