AFC East fantasy football ranking: Position by position

Miami Dolphins . (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins . (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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It is that time of year again when we start planning our own drafts for the NFL season and this year we are looking at the AFC East fantasy football ranking.

Which team has the best quarterback? Running back squad? Receivers? And so on. Do the Buffalo Bills stand alone or do the other AFC East teams offer an opportunity to be the better squads as it relates to fantasy football scoring?

Fans will start, if they haven’t already, pouring over the statistics from last year’s NFL season, taking long hard looks at their current franchise rosters or readying themselves for a run towards their league championship.

On the field, the Bills are expected to take the AFC East but that doesn’t mean they will have the best players at every position so knowing which team might provide you more opportunities for success is important.

Let’s start our look with the easiest of the positions, the quarterback.

Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills

Allen isn’t just the number one in the AFC East, he will be drafted in the top of the draft between late round one (homers) and mid-fourth (the lucky ones). Allen can do it all and his game is getting better. You may hate the Bills but Allen can lead your team to the playoffs…in fantasy.

Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins

Tua isn’t going to win you a championship. Just being real here. Should he be drafted? Absolutely, there is more reward than risk but he should be your backup QB and if I’m drafting my team with Tua in my plans, I’m probably drafting him as a 3rd QB with the upside potential that I think might be really high this year. In a free league, he makes sense but I’m not risking my fantasy season on a guy because I have high hopes.

Mac Jones – New England Patriots

This isn’t a homer selection to put Tua above Jones, but if we look at the roster make-up of each team, the Patriots are going to try and run a lot more and lessen the burden on Jones. That doesn’t make him an ideal quarterback to start in any league but he is a better option than Wilson.

 Zach Wilson – New York Jets

Wilson isn’t draftable this year outside of a deep flier in a franchise or keeper league. Wilson is going to be better than he was last year but how much remains to be seen, and frankly, if you are drafting Wilson to start, you have a long season ahead, even if it is a two-QB starting league.