AFC East fantasy football ranking: Position by position

Miami Dolphins . (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins . (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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AFC East fantasy football ranking
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AFC East fantasy football ranking: Tight ends are up next where several should be on your draft radar for this fantasy season.

For the most part, taking a high round TE isn’t wise unless you are targeting guys like Travis Kelce or Kyle Pitts but in the AFC East, there are a few players that should warrant consideration as early as the top of the mid-rounds.

Mike Gesicki – Miami Dolphins

Yes, I am a big Gesicki fan and I think this year will see him jump quite a bit statistically. I don’t expect him to put up big catch numbers but yardage and touchdowns should improve considering the talent around him now. My biggest concern is that Gesicki is going to be outlet number one instead of a primary target.

Dawson Knox – Buffalo Bills

Knox isn’t going to light up your PPR leagues but he is consistently reliable in the Red Zone and if you can’t have a TE putting up big catch/yardage totals, get one that can score and Knox can do that.

C.J. Uzomah – New York Jets

I like Uzomah, or I did a lot more with him in Cincinnati. With the Jets, it’s hard to see where his value will be, especially in fantasy football but if we look at the Jets offense as a whole, we have to think that Wilson is going to use the outlet receiver option quite a bit and that is where Uzomah has value. Moreso than the dual threats in New England.

Hunter Henry – New England

Last year everyone wondered how good Henry and Jonnu Smith would be for the Patriots. They were o.k. with Henry being better. Is he worth a flier in your league? A starting role on your roster? While I think there are better options around the league if we are talking just AFC East players, then yeah, Henry is reliable and should see more work this year as he has separated himself from Smith, of course, we are talking Belichick so Smith will probably reign this year.

While I put Henry above Uzomah in talent, I think Uzomah will be used more often or maybe the word is relied upon.