AFC East fantasy football ranking: Position by position

Miami Dolphins . (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins . (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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AFC East fantasy football ranking
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Drafting a kicker outside of the final two rounds means that your fantasy team is already stacked or you are caving to a run started by the auto-drafting computer.

I dipped back over to ESPN for a look at the top 20 kickers to see which ones out of the AFC East are actually ranked. Three of the teams are represented in the ESPN top 20.

Tyler Bass – Buffalo Bills

The Bills are going to move the ball offensively, they are going to score points and when the offense isn’t in the endzone, they are likely to be close enough for Bass. He is a top 8 kicker this year and for those who refuse to draft players from Buffalo (me), you can probably get away with this one.

Nick Folk – New England

Drafting a kicker comes with two specific questions that have to be answered. 1: Reliability and 2: the offenses opportunity to get into field goal range. Nick Folk is good and he will rank higher in many leagues point predictions. Folk will get his opportunities because New England my find the offense stalling just outside of the Red Zone.

Jason Sanders – Miami Dolphins

When I draft a kicker, Sanders would be higher for me than Folk but I also have to admit that I do not know how this offense will be in 2022 and that is a worry. I do believe that Sanders will be a lot more accurate this year than he was last season.

New York Jets

The Jets have a competition at kicker this year, Eddy Pineiro and Greg Zuerlein. Neither really give you much more than a bye-week option at this point.