Miami Dolphins: 3 most beaten to death storylines going into training camp

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Mike McDaniel drips swag like he’s a Kohler faucet. But how will the second coming of the Zen Master, Phil Jackson, deal with adversity?

Mike McDaniel is the coolest thing to happen to Miami in many years. He brings a breath of fresh air that hasn’t been felt since the Shula days. The Miami Dolphins have hired football guy after football guy and have won nothing. They haven’t won a playoff game in 22 seasons. Like the late great Owen Hart said, enough is enough and it’s time for a change.

As fans, we mostly loved the hire. I very much like the hire. I think McDaniel is smart enough, hungry enough, and I believe that he has a firm understanding of how to talk to players and how to treat them. That was something the former head coach strongly lacked and it is why he was fired.

Every time we see Mike McD or listen to him speak we all get giddy with how cool, funny, and insightful he is. Mike McD has a way of speaking that makes us comfortable but he also explains his vision of what he wants his football team to look like and folks are like “that was a real simple, direct but common sense way of going about it. Why don’t others do that?” Not everyone looks at the world like McDaniel.

But with all that charisma, dry sense of humor(which is right up my alley), and philosophical approach comes all the talk about what is Mike McDaniel going to do if the Miami Dolphins start out 0-2 or 1-4? How is he going to be cool and funny when players aren’t doing their jobs?

I suppose we don’t know exactly how McDaniel is going to handle problems, but to think that he doesn’t have a game plan for himself on how to deal with negative things is ridiculous. Mike McDaniel knows he’s the cool young coach that players love. With that self-awareness, he knows that approach doesn’t work for all situations. He knows that he has to be a strong leader when things aren’t going well. How that will look? I don’t know. But I can’t imagine that Mike McDaniel doesn’t know how to deal with those situations. He’s too clever not to have future plans for all types of scenarios.

Things going bad and losing games is a pretty obvious scenario to think of. I’m sure Mike McD has ideas on how to handle them.