The 5 most overrated teams entering the 2022 NFL season

Bill Belichick Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Belichick Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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The New England Patriots have been at the top of the AFC for so long that we naturally put them in the elite classes of the NFL but should we?

The Patriots made the playoffs last season and I still can’t quite figure out how. Mac Jones, who amazingly made the Pro Bowl as an alternate still is surprising to me. The media love the Patriots, maybe because they are afraid to piss off Bill Belichick.

This year is going to be interesting for the Patriots and they very well may finally prove me wrong and win because they are good. I don’t think so. I see the Patriots as the third-best team in the AFC East and I don’t see a playoff-caliber team in 2022.

Despite what many in the media want you to believe, Mac Jones needs to mature as a QB. The Patriots’ offensive line has big questions surrounding that unit, the WRs are not very good, the tight-ends should be better than they are, and the running game may very well be the entire Patriot offense this year.

Holding it all together, however, is a very good defense that keeps the Patriots in games.