Miami Dolphins: Top 3 players from day 1 of training camp

Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Austin Jackson is on a mission to prove to everybody that he was worthy of being a 1st round pick and that he is going to flourish in Mike McDaniel’s system. He’s off to a great start.

The often malaised former 1st round pick is on a quest to show everybody that he belongs in this league.

We all know that Austin Jackson has struggled thus far in his NFL career. Last year he was part of a threesome(not the good kind) that was rated in the bottom five in the NFL of offensive lineman production in several categories. It simply wasn’t his year.

But 2022 is a new year and now Austin Jackson has a new motivation and that’s Mike McDaniel’s wide-zone scheme. The wide-zone scheme is TaylorMade for the type of linemen that Jackson is and that’s an athletic lineman who moves well in space.

Exactly what position Austin Jackson will be slated to play is undecided. It could be either guard or right tackle. We’ll know more as training camp unfolds. What can’t be denied is how he Jackson performed on day one of camp.

You come to camp wearing a Nirvana shirt you’re telling me that you’re about to be doing some different things out there. Things folks aren’t accustomed to seeing out of you. It tells me that you’re about to go out there and stick it to all the people that told you that you’re nothing. You’re telling me that you’re looking to start a revolution. I’m here for it.