Turns out Xavien Howard does care about his Madden rating

Xavien Howard #25 of the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Xavien Howard #25 of the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Day two of camp wrapped up about an hour or so ago and there is a ton of information and breakdowns all over Twitter. If you don’t have Twitter, what’re you doing, but I’m sure there will be articles will be coming out, if they aren’t already, explaining how things looked today. But I’m feeling a bit validated and a bit arrogant(maybe the Model Rick Martel sprayed me with his cologne) so I want to talk about Xavien Howard letting everyone know that he does care about his Madden rating.

Five days ago I wrote an article here about how erroneous it was that the mouth breathers at Madden rated Xavien Howard tied for 10th in the game for cornerbacks. My vitriol was met with some positivity but there were a ton of folks who had the same tired/lame responses, which I knew there would be, such as “who cares about a video game. I care about the real game and Xavien Howard doesn’t care about his rating why should you.”

It’s the same kind of responses you here from the no fun/get off my lawn people all the time who can’t fathom caring about stuff that has no consequence and just wants to yell at clouds. News flash; it takes zero time at all to be annoyed at something and still go about your day uninterrupted.

Well, Xavien Howard had some choice words for how he truly feels about the clear-cut disrespect.

Oh who would have thought that a professional athlete doesn’t appreciate having his name tarnished even if it’s in a video game? I mean I knew that and that’s what I wrote but I’m also understanding of what’s going out there.

These guys care and they care a lot about how Madden portrays them. Like I said, ultimately it’s completely frivolous, but if Xavien Howard or anybody else on the Miami Dolphins uses that type of disrespect as 1% of motivation then I’m happy they’re caring.

By the Way- Tua had a solid day with a dime of a throw to Tyreek Hill

It was a 35-yard throw and it was spot-on. Sign me up for more of that and damn does Tyreek Hill look good.

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