Miami Dolphins 2023 free agents and who should get extensions

Mike Gesicki Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Gesicki Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports /
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Several players may make this year’s roster but may find themselves not in the longer-term plans for the Miami Dolphins making this year their last.

There are not guarantees that these players make the 2022 roster but if they do, it is hard to see them coming back in 2023.

Myles Gaskin 

Gaskin will be a free agent next season and he has been a trade speculation player for a little while now. Gaskin making the roster is likely but it would not be a surprise to see him off the roster if the Dolphins feel they have better options. Re-signing him prior to next off-season seems very unlikely.

Clayton Fejedelem

Fejedelem provides the Dolphins solid special team play but his contract hovers around $2 million and Miami can get cheaper by not re-signing him next year. If he makes the roster this season, he might and likely won’t be back next year.

Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgwater wants to see playing time. He is banking on it. If the Dolphins see Tua struggle, he will get that wish and maybe can turn his single season with Miami into a deal with another team or a return to Miami should the Dolphins move on from Tua.

Eric Rowe

Rowe has played well for the Dolphins and he will likely make the roster this year but with the Dolphins getting younger at the position and the growth of Brandon Jones and Jevon Holland, Rowe is likely going to be gone after this season.

Michael Dieter

Dieter is competing for a starting job this training camp but let’s look at this realistically. If Dieter beats out Connor Williams, that doesn’t secure his job for the future. Miami is looking to upgrade the position and Dieter would need to start this year and excel for Miami to change that line of thinking. It’s an uphill battle for an extension unless the Dolphins can lock him down on the cheap to provide depth.