Opinion: Miami Dolphins play calling is about to become much more consistent

Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins play calling has to be executed at a higher level in order to be more consistent.

Mike McDaniel has recently stated from training camp that he expects the plays he runs on offense to be executed properly and therefore he wants to run plays that the other team knows are coming.

This statement should be music to a lot of Miami Dolphins fans’ ears, it’s something that I have hoped for quite a while. We haven’t seen something like this for a very long time, that is to run plays that work more than just once or twice.

I believe the old adage is to run it down their throats, or even run the same play you know works until they stop it. This is what’s been missing on offense. And if Mike McDaniel can bring that, then we’re in for a more exciting offense, and therefore season.

Former head coach Adam Gase was just the opposite of this when calling plays on offense, he was at the other extreme, always trying to outguess by running plays that were unexpected, plays that did work were shelved and never used again in the game. It was extremely frustrating to watch.

If I’m not mistaken the 49ers’ offense play calling that Mike McDaniel has familiarity with has been doing this already. The offense will run plays that are not exactly the same but will be tweaked a little each time, so it’ll be the same concept with a slightly different look.

The outside zone running that is being installed may play a part in making this possible, and even easier to do.

One more old football adage is to attack their weakness, and this plays into running the same play on offense until they can stop it. Some NFL coaches may see this as dirty, but you play to win the game.