Where Miami Dolphins fans rank against the other AFC East teams

Fans Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Fans Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /
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The Miami Dolphins fanbase is rabid at times but are they the best fans in the entire AFC East? Are they better than the Bills Mafia?

Every year we hear about how the Dallas Cowboys have the most fans across the world. It’s a gap that is a lot narrower than it used to be, I would imagine. The Cowboys are starting to face similar problems with new faces of the fanbase, winning.

When it comes to fandom, every team has its own gold standards. The Packers have their Cheeseheads, the Commanders had the Hogs, and even the Browns have the Dawg Pound. But we are Dolphins fans and we don’t care about the fans from other divisions.

Case in point, almost universally fans thought the Chiefs crowd was great and classy but winning changed many of them into arrogant fans…my brother became one of them.

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Miami Dolphins

I’m not going to rank the Dolphins on this list because there is no way to put my own opinion aside on this debate. I will say that Dolphins fans are unique in that unlike Bills, Patriots, and even Jets fans, there are a lot more things to do on Sunday in South Florida than sitting in extreme heat watching a team go 8-8 or worse.

That being said, know this about Dolphins fans. Whether it is in South Florida or the United Kingdom, California or Mexico, Dolphins fans are everywhere. The knock on Miami fans is that they don’t go to games enough. They don’t buy up all the season tickets, and the stadium has been half-empty for decades but yet they still multiply outside of their own market.

It’s a testament to how many new fans there are of the team considering how many years it has been since they were actually relevant.

In New York, Dolphins fans take over MetLife Stadium. Almost one full section of the upper deck, sometimes there are so many they spill over into the surrounding sections.

Where would I rank Miami Dolphins fans on this list? First of course! 

We will start with the worst fans in the division and at least three teams’ fanbases will agree.