Where Miami Dolphins fans rank against the other AFC East teams

Fans Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Fans Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /
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Fans support the Bills against the Patriots.Ag3i5120 /

Buffalo Bills fans get credit for the genius sign in the photo above! Creative and probably true but they lack ranking in the AFC East…sorry.

I know this is probably going to tick off more people than the Patriots fans and I understand why. But understand this, I’m not looking at Bills Mafia as a catalyst to this ranking. I respect this fanbase to some degree, I mean they take out their aggressions on innocent tables.

The truth is Bills fans are typically not found outside of Buffalo and not typically sober. What I mean by that is new Bills fans are typically not born outside of Buffalo and the fans drink A LOT as evidenced by the multitude of videos they post online.

I don’t see many Bills fans who were born and raised in California. Not to say there aren’t some but it’s not something you see every day.

For years, Bills fans quietly sat behind the AFC East scenes and the four Super Bowl losses remain the dagger in trash talking but now that the Bills are winning, it’s like the frozen ice of Buffalo has thawed and now there are so many Bills fans you can’t miss them.

Recently I was at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, and an entire family of about 8 walked out of a gift show wearing Bills jerseys. It was 98 degrees outside and they were not wearing replicas. Dark blue in that heat?  I give them props but man that had to suck in that heat.

Truth be told, I wonder how many of these fans will actually remain fans when the Bills revert back to, you know, the Bills? Seems just the long-lasting fans will remain, the silent majority, you know the ones that don’t break tables.