Miami Dolphins training camp 2 weeks in: 4 sneaky risers

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With a name like Trill Williams, it’s no surprise that he can ball.

The Miami Dolphins secondary is excellent. There’s no other way to really explain it. There is talent all over the place. But that doesn’t mean that a player can’t ascend and take a position that needs to be filled. That player quite possibly may be Trill Williams.

The #4 cornerback spot is up for grabs and many thought Noah Igbinoghene would be the guy who would be securing it. But it wasn’t like it was a slam dunk that Igbo would be getting it and it appears he has nothing close to a firm grip on it.

With that being the case, Trill Williams, not Igbo, has stepped up and has looked like the best guy for the job.

Trill was a force at Syracuse. I love that he’s 6’1 and he can run.

It would be great if Trill continues to rise up the chart because let’s not act like the Byron Jones injury is for sure going to work itself out and that he’s going to be 100% available for week one. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if during the week leading into the Patriot’s game if we still don’t know if he’s going to play or not. That means Nik Needham would be the next guy up and that would mean that Trill or whoever is the #4 cornerback moves up to #3.

I’m just saying, cornerback, is a position that usually has a rash of injuries. It’s why, at least to me, it’s the position that has the most turnover in the league. I feel like I always see teams releasing and signing corners off the street and not only that but those guys actually play in that week’s game. I think you need a bunch of guys on the roster for that position. Let’s hope that Trill keeps ascending.