Miami Dolphins: 3 players who are on the path to more playing time

Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Larnel Coleman was filling in the most for Terron Armstead during  Miami Dolphins training camp so I’m going with him as a guy who has the chance to earn time.

It’s no secret that Terron Armstead doesn’t play every game on the schedule. We know this, the Miami Dolphins know this. That being said, knowing who is going to be the guy who will be first in line to fill his shoes is massively important.

Larnel Coleman, per reports, got the most reps at left tackle while Armstead was hanging out. This isn’t to say that Adam Pankey, Robert Jones, or Greg Little can’t end up being that backup tackle, but I’m guessing that Coleman will get the first crack at it thus getting the best chance to lay roots to the position.

I’d be shocked if Terron Armstead plays on Saturday or even a ton in the practices leading up to the game on Saturday. So, I expect to see Larnel Coleman out there a great deal.

There’s been mixed feeling about him during this training camp. Basically, he’s had some good moments while also having some bad ones as well. All things you’d expect out of a 2nd year 7th round pick. He needs to step up and claim that backup tackle role because we all know there will be a time when his number is called.

If not him, one of the aforementioned players or maybe someone I didn’t mention will be that guy. The point is, that someone has to fill that role and it’s a very important one.

Let’s hope that nobody gets injured today at the first practice. We’re starting to see some teams get loaded up with injuries and the Miami Dolphins can ill afford to have anyone go down. Pray to whatever or whoever you pray to for health above all else today and this week.

Maybe you’ll be hearing from me later. Hopefully, it’s because of an amazing or hilarious play that happens. What I’d love to see happen is that Mike McDaniel gets mic’d up and he goes over to Tom Brady and asks him to play on his team but he deadpans it the whole way. That be awesome.

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