Adam Shaheen heads back to Miami Dolphins after trade nixed

Adam Shaheen
Adam Shaheen /

The Miami Dolphins will find themselves with another tight end as Adam Shaheen is heading back to Miami after the trade is nixed by the Texans.

Earlier this week the Dolphins traded Shaheen and a 7th round pick to the Texans for their 2023 6th round draft pick. Shaheen will now head back to Miami with a failed physical.

The Texans are citing a preexisting knee injury but Shaheen has not missed any of training camp according to Cameron Wolfe.

So what will happen now? The Dolphins could try and trade Shaheen elsewhere, let him continue to compete for a roster spot or release him. Of these three, the 2nd option is not likely a viable solution, and barring another team jumping into the fray, Miami will likely release him.

While the Texans cite a knee injury, it should be noted (only in jest) that many Texans fans took to social media to make fun of Houston trading a draft pick for a player that would likely have been cut. What really is going through Miami’s fan’s heads is what did the Texans’ medical staff find that Miami’s staff were not aware of?

It will be interesting to see how quickly the Miami Dolphins move on from this but I don’t see an avenue where keeping him makes a lot of sense if any sense at all. Miami is in Tampa Bay currently and will play in their first preseason game on Saturday night.