Breaking News: Bruce Beal now likely out as future Miami Dolphins owner

Bruce Beal of the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Bruce Beal of the Miami Dolphins (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The future of the Miami Dolphins will not likely be in the hands of minority owner, Bruce Beal, as Stephen Ross begins changing succession.

According to multiple reports over the internet tonight, Bruce Beal is going to be out and Stephen Ross is lining up his daughter Jennifer Ross to take over the team when he leaves the ownership.

It would seem that if this holds accurate and comes to fruition, Ross may intend to own the franchise until he passes and then his daughter would be the owner. It is reported that he has already taken steps with the league to change the current succession to Beal.

The Dolphins organization was rocked in late July when the NFL leveled stiff penalties on the team and both Ross and Beal that included a combined $2 million fine and suspensions for both. Beal’s suspension was for the entire 2022 season.

The plan was for Beal to take over upon Ross’ passing. The plan has been established since 2016 according to Armando Salguero over at 

Salguero, citing a source, says both Ross and Beal have decided to end the plan and now, Jennifer Ross will be in line for the franchise.

The tampering that Miami participated in created a bad situation around the league. We wondered if this was not going to be an issue shortly after the league-imposed penalties were public. Turns out we were right.

The next question that many will want to be answered is what will Ross’ daughter do with the team once she owns it? Will she hire executives to run the day-to-day operations and stay out of the football side of the business or will she sell the team for a top premium that could increase considerably if the Dolphins start winning?

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One thing is for certain, the Dolphins needed to make an internal move after the scandal and considering that Beal was a major player and potentially the mastermind behind the attempt to land the future HOF QB, something needed to be done. Moving Beal off the Dolphins ownership list, if that is indeed what happens probably needed to be done.

As we said in our previous article related to Beals succession, it was unlikely that the owners would approve him after the incident.