NFL quarterback rankings mid-camp: Here is where Tagovailoa lands

Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones (8) (Mandatory Credit: Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports)
Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones (8) (Mandatory Credit: Jessica Alcheh-USA TODAY Sports) /

27.) Daniel Jones – New York Giants

Coming in here is a guy who is working on the last year of his deal, and was not extended his 5th year option. Likely making this a make-or-break year for him. He should have a healthy supporting cast around him and a much improved offensive line. Alongside that, he will also have a great coach in both Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka who are known for developing Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

This is the year of any year for Jones to figure it out and take his game to the next level. When you look at his backup, Tyrod Taylor, a guy who has been a journeyman but can still win a game if Jones were to go down.

26.) Jared Goff – Detroit Lions

Goff has likely met his potential and is the last person in this NFL QB Rankings to likely be on his way out after this season. I think Goff can win you games, but he will never be the guy that once got the Rams to the Super Bowl again. He doesn’t have the supporting cast, at least not developed enough yet, and he’s not a good enough athlete or decision maker to get his team anywhere.

With a backup like Tim Boyle, Goff is in no fear of losing his job. However, with no competition, Goff likely has no push to be better, so I am not sure what, if any, steps of development Goff can take.

25.) Zach Wilson – New York Jets

With major upgrades all around him, Wilson should be due for a huge improvement in this upcoming year. However, I don’t think he has the mental makeup to be an elite guy in the NFL. He has the physical traits and this year has much improved weapons, I just don’t buy him as the future of New York.

His backup is the highly accomplished Joe Flacco. Flacco is way past his prime, and I am not sure he can win you many games unless he leans heavily on that run game. Which should be much better this season.

24.) Carson Wentz – Washington Commanders 

This is yet another guy, like Goff, who I think is past what he once was. I don’t think he will ever be a Super Bowl caliber quarterback again. I foresee him as a guy who can win games and a future journeyman in this league. However, the Commanders team is built as one that can win games with a simple game manager.

Backups for the Commanders are Taylor Heinicke and Sam Howell who both can push Wentz but for different reasons. I think Heinicke can push because he knows this system, and Howell can push because he is the young guy that might flourish after some development.

23.) Justin Fields – Chicago Bears

Fields have a lot of developing for the NFL game to do. He has the perfect physical makeup to survive and thrive in this current NFL game of being a dual-threat QB. However, I think his team around him is the worst roster construction in the league. In a brand new offensive system, it may be hard to succeed right away, especially with this bad cast around him.

His backup in Chicago will be Trevor Siemian who is not much of a threat to take Fields’ job but has been in the league for a little while and can provide him with some very helpful knowledge to progress his game.