NFL quarterback rankings mid-camp: Here is where Tagovailoa lands

Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Tua Tagovailoa Miami Dolphins (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Tua Tagovailoa (Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
Tua Tagovailoa (Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports) /

17.) Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins

Tagovailoa checks in here at 17 with possibly the most amount of chance to move up this list the quickest. He has had a ridiculously good training camp thus far, and it seems the weapons and offensive line help were enough to make him better.

The biggest help so far has been with Tyreek Hill. He is helping not just Tagovailoa with more ability to get open, but he also is allowing Jaylen Waddle to get massive separation among his reps outside, and opening up for the run game that seemed non-existent last season.

Tua also has the best offensive coaching staff since his time in Alabama. He has a team and coaching staff that believes in him, and a management group that backs him. We could see the Tua Tagovailoa that once was the expected #1 overall pick and a guy who can lead Miami back to glory.

As for backups, Miami has one of the better backups in Teddy Bridgewater who has been a starter in the NFL for a while and has bounced around the league and gained knowledge to pass along to Tua.

16.) Matt Ryan – Indianapolis Colts

Matt Ryan is going to be a big change from the play of Carson Wentz, and Colts fans will eat that up. He needs to be a really good game manager, hand it off to Jonathan Taylor, and feed Michael Pittman Jr. and rookie Alec Pierce. Matt Ryan can help get this team back to the playoffs just because of his veteran presence. He should be a great improvement for the Colts.

When we look to the backup in Indianapolis it is the highly accomplished Nick Foles. He won’t push for the starting job, but he will foster the youth behind him in Sam Ehlinger and Jack Coan and can make them better for their future in the league.

15.) Kirk Cousins – Minnesota Vikings

This is another situation where this team is so extremely loaded that they only need a stable calming presence at the QB position. Enter Kirk Cousins, as he can trust Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Thielen to take this team to where they need to be. Kirk hasn’t gotten the support from upper management that many thought he would but he’s good enough to win.

Backup is not an issue here in Minnesota with Sean Mannion and Kellen Mond but they can pick up and learn things from a guy like Kirk Cousins who has seen a lot in this league.

14.) Jalen Hurts – Philadelphia Eagles

Hurts is a guy who can become the top of the top depending on his improvements this season. He has a legit #1 WR now in AJ Brown, and a really good offensive line to trust and sit behind. He can take the next big step and put it all together to be one of the best QBs in this league.

The backup for Hurts this season will be Gardner Minshew who I think can be a starter in a few other places which gives the Eagles a nice advantage to have in case of emergency. I like this Eagles roster and think they should compete well this season.

13.) Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

This is a case where I think Murray is a really good athlete and can change the game with his legs, but it is more of a case where I think the lack of playmakers for him will hurt his playmaking. With DeAndre Hopkins out for the first 6 weeks of the season, his weapons become extremely limited. However, with that big contract, he just signed his play is due for a big year.

The backup in Arizona is Colt McCoy, who will win games but provide no competition for Kyler, especially after that contract. Don’t sleep on Trace McSorley either.