Skylar Thompson crushed it and the Miami Dolphins got a win

Skylar Thompson Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Skylar Thompson Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

I am three minutes from watching the Miami Dolphins win their first preseason game of the season, which is the first victory of the Mike McDaniel era. There are a ton of things to pick apart, analyze, cut down, and crucify tomorrow. The Miami Dolphins have plenty of areas where they need to improve. But one major positive was that quarterback Skylar Thompson had himself a day and might just be the truth.

Skylar Thompson, a 7th-round pick out of Kansas State, got the entire game to show what he can do. Well, Skylar showed that not only does he belong but that he might just have to make the 53-man roster.

Thompson finished the game going 20/28 for 218 yards and one TD. He also was nearly the leading rusher(we’ll get to that tomorrow) with 25 yards rushing. Here are some highlights.

These are only a few plays of where Skylar Thompson had his way with the Buc’s defense. There were plenty of other plays where Thompson showed mountains of poise delivering the ball to open receivers.

He also showed that he has the wheels to hurt defenses. You think he’s this big statue-like quarterback. Nope. Skylar Thompson can boogie and he can round the corner if needs to.

There were plays where he had to navigate a collapsing pocket, which happened often, and he still made a positive play. It was very refreshing to see. Oh. and he has a real-deal arm. Not that we didn’t already know this, but his arm is stronger than anyone else on the roster who is a quarterback.

Now, do I think that he’s going to be challenging for the #2 QB spot? No, I don’t. That spot is Teddy Bridgewater’s, for now. But we’re going to see more of Skylar Thompson in the next two games so we’ll see how he evolves.

But think about it like this. Kenny Picket, Malik Willis, Desmond Ridder, and Matt Corral are guys picked way ahead of Skylar Thompson. They all played teams with nearly the same amount of guys who didn’t play in the game like how Tampa Bay operated tonight. None of those guys had a game like Thompson. None of them played as much as Skylar, but the fact remains; if you erased what round each guy was drafted in, the last thing you would say is that Skylar Thompson is lesser than those guys.

I’m very excited to see how Skylar Thompson progresses. You should be as well. On to everyone ripping the Dolphins for poor offensive line play, bad tackling, and bad secondary play. I will be speaking about those things as well.

And if you don’t think that Mike McDaniel isn’t maniacally laughing to himself because he thinks he may have found a diamond in the rough, you’re dead wrong. He knows he may have found the one.

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