4 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins 1st preseason game

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The Miami Dolphin’s offensive line which can’t possibly be worse than last year’s line looked as bad as last year’s line.

The offensive line of the Miami Dolphins didn’t open up any running lanes. Like I mean there wasn’t a hole anywhere.

The starting line consisted of Larnel Coleman, Liam, Eichenberg, Michael Dieter, Robert Hunt, and Austin Jackson. Coleman was the only guy who played more than 24% of the snaps. Here’s that breakdown.

On the first drive, the Dolphins had a nice drive going after the defense forced a three and out which resulted in a short field. On 3rd down in goal, Larnel Coleman got obliterated and gave up an instant sack.

Coleman was a guy I said needed to have a strong game. He didn’t and it showed.

The rest of the starters played a little bit better but as a unit, they didn’t get anything accomplished in the running game. That’s a problem.

Myles  Gaskin had a 20-yard run. Take that away and the running backs had 10 carries for four yards. That wouldn’t work in c-team football let alone the NFL.

What’s an even bigger problem is that it appears that there is virtually zero depth on this roster on the offensive line. That’s concerning because we just about know Terron Armstead isn’t going to play every game because he never does. And it’s not like it’s impossible for the other guys not to get dinged up as well. This team needs competent players behind them. They don’t need all-pros. They need reliable guys you can put in a game and the whole offense doesn’t go to hell. Is that too much to ask?

In pass protection, the offensive line as a whole did alright. They gave up three sacks, one of them I think could have been avoided if Skylar Thompson threw a ball away.

Overall, this is the unit we all had concerns and fears about and it looks like not much has changed. Armstead and Connar Williams didn’t play and that matters but the rest of these guys looked rough.

I don’t know if this is going to prompt Chris Grier to get on the phone to make some calls or to call some people, but I would guess that he isn’t just sitting there throwing pencils into the ceiling.

There is too much firepower on offense to be hamstrung by an obvious weakness that should have been dealt with. I’m going to tell myself it will get fixed one way or another. If that doesn’t happen, I will not be a happy blogger.