Miami Dolphins: 3 players who could make NFL Top 100 in 2023

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Jevon Holland Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /
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Miami Dolphins to make Top 100 in 2023: Tua Tagovailoa

It would take a seriously elite season for Tua Tagovailoa to make the NFL Top 100 List in 2023, but that probably isn’t through any fault of his own.

The back end of the 2022 list featured Kirk Cousins, who is undoubtedly more proven than Tagovailoa given his track record. But surprisingly ahead of him was division rival Mac Jones, who showed nice flashes in his rookie season but seems to be ranked a bit too high, if he should be ranked at all.

But this is a project that is voted on by the players themselves (apparently), and that will be the problem for Tagovailoa, even if he sees improvement in 2022. There are plenty of Tua doubters in the media that we hear on a daily basis, but there are probably an equal portion of NFL players who feel the same way. The third year quarterback is still unproven, and he has had doubters at ever step of the process, whether they are public with their criticisms or not.

In order for Tua to make the list in 2023, he will not only have to keep his job as the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, but he’ll have to put up some impressive numbers to unseat any of the pass throwers that are already ahead of him.

Probable? No. Possible? Indeed.