Miami Dolphins: 3 things to love/hate from preseason Week 2 vs. Raiders

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Miami Dolphins Love/Hate List for Preseason Week 2:

LOVE: Pressure from the defensive line

Perhaps the most encouraging thing to cone out of the game against the Raiders was the defensive line’s ability to get after the quarterback. Miami was able to apply pressure from the start, a good sign coming from their starters.

There was penetration by Jaelan Phillips, Christian Wilkins, and others during the first couple of drives for the Raiders, though only Zach Sieler was credited with a sack in the opening quarter. But the pressure was there, disrupting the pocket and causing Raider’s quarterbacks to scramble. If only the defensive backs were able to match the production.

Results were mostly the same when Miami put in their backups in, as Porter Gustin got in on the sack action while playing against an offensive line for Las Vegas that featured three of their starters still in the game.

HATE: Noah Igbinoghene’s lack of progression

Another week with nothing good to say about Noah Igbinoghene.

The depth at the cornerback position is starting to become an obvious issue for the Dolphins, especially with Byron Jones still rehabbing from off-season surgery. Miami has been needing someone to step up and fill the shoes in case any starters are forced to miss time, and Igbinoghene has been the prime candidate for possible development.

It has gone horribly. Igbo has routinely been getting beat in practice, as evidenced by the many videos coming out of camp, and his in-game performance has been equally bad. During the first half against the Raiders, he was on the trailing end of catch after catch by Las Vegas receivers, and was responsible for giving up some of the biggest plays on the day.

Noah Igbinoghene may be entering his final week as a member of the Miami Dolphins.