3 things we learned from the Miami Dolphins 2nd preseason game

Sam LaPorta Iowa Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Sam LaPorta Iowa Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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After a night to sleep about it and deciding to wait until the morning to collect my thoughts and emotions, I have declared that I don’t feel great about the Miami Dolphins right now. The Miami Dolphins lost 15-13 to Las Vegas last night, but that score is consequential. What matters is how the team responded to how they looked last week. The squad responded by looking the same if not worse in several areas of football.

This was “dress rehearsal week” for the Miami Dolphins. You know, the week where the starters play the most they’ll play all preseason unless, of course, they play more next week in the final preseason game. I honestly don’t think you’ll see the starters play more next week if at all. Tua might get another series or two but don’t expect the heavy hitters to be in there.

Last night the Miami Dolphins didn’t make me or I think any fan feel like the coaching staff has solved any issues that plagued the team last year and for many years for that matter The same problems that we cry ourselves to sleep happened again and it’s beyond frustrating forecasting the next few months of football in our heads and seeing running plays that go nowhere over and over again.

Now, Terron Armstead, Tyreek Hill, Xavien Howard, and others didn’t play. That’s important and it matters how this team will function. It’s also the preseason and Mike McDaniel isn’t going to go into his bag of tricks and show the good stuff on offense or defense.

But the fact remains the team, who went up against all the backups the Raiders had right from the beginning of the game, looked less than mid. They didn’t instill any confidence in me that they’re just going to be able to turn it on when it’s for real in week one.

And that’s basically what we, unfortunately, have to count on; that Mike McDaniel and the rest of the coaches will just have all these glaring issues figured out and the team will be clicking together. That sounds like every year ever for the Miami Dolphins.

Everything is brand new from the coaches to the scheme. But again I forecast the future like I’m Dr. Strange, I have to do a ton of mental gymnastics to see a scoreboard where the Miami Dolphins have more points than the other teams. That’s sadly where I’m at.

There were some good things that happened and I’ll get to those later. Here’s the list of things that we learned from last night.