3 things we learned from the Miami Dolphins 2nd preseason game

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The Miami Dolphins offensive line, for the second week in a row, failed to create any rushing lanes

Right from the first play of the game, I think we all knew how this was going to play out. On play #1, Tua did a direct toss directly behind him, as we saw in San Francisco, to Chase Edmonds. It’s a really cool play design and it looks innovative. But when the left side of the offensive line doesn’t do anything besides impersonating a saloon door, the play gets blown up for a four-yard loss.

All and all, the Miami Dolphins rushed 18 times for a grand total of 37 yards. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 12 yards less than last week which included 25 yards from Skylar Thompson.

The Dolphins started Coleman, Eichenberg, Connor Williams, Hunt, and Jackson and they didn’t do diddly poo when they were in there. Four of those guys will be starting and they were going up against predominantly backups and they couldn’t create a single hole. They were like Harry Stamper and his crew trying to drill into the asteroid at the beginning of Armageddon.

Those guys’ backups didn’t do anything either and the question remains; who is going to be in the game when Terron Armstead isn’t?

I don’t have a great feeling about Terron Armstead’s availability right now. Something feels like there’s more going on with him and his knees than they’re saying. I have no sources on that at all, it’s just a feeling. The guy hardly practices and he even took himself out of a recent practice due to his knees. Maybe he’ll be like Marshawn Lynch, never practicing, but will give everything he has on Sundays? That could be how it goes. I’m fine with that because Larnel Coleman is not an NFL starting lineman.

If Chris Grier wasn’t making calls last week to see what linemen are out there or if a trade is possible, I would think he will be exploring that a bit more today. I mean, he really should be.

Pass-blocking was actually solid. They did a fine job blocking on most of the play-action passes and they allowed the quarterbacks to be able to step and make a few plays when the initial play broke down. How will they look when they’re playing against starters who are pinning their ears back on a 3rd and 8? I’m not 100% sure. But I’m encouraged with the pass blocking thus far.