3 things we learned from the Miami Dolphins 2nd preseason game

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Sam LaPorta Iowa Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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Thompson and Ezukanma let it be known that they are far from middle to late-round draft picks.

Erik EZE Ezukanma didn’t have a catch in the first half. He finished with six catches for 114 yards with most of them coming from the ever-surging The Skylark Skylar Thompson.

Call me nuts, but the team looked much better on offense when Skylar Thompson was in the game. They actually moved the ball down the field a bit. Skylar threw some passes that not everyone who wears a Miami Dolphin’s uniform typically or ever throws.

That was a ridiculous adjustment by EZE to haul that in.

Then on back-to-back plays, Skylar hit EZE down the sideline and the seam for big gains. They were perfectly thrown balls that went right over a defender and right in front of another defender. Those are the throws we don’t often see from other quarterbacks on the roster.

A few times when Ezukanma caught a ball it took the Raiders and help from the national guard to try and bring him down and even then they still didn’t. EZE is a tough dude to bring down to Earth who also looks like he has sure hands. I think he has a good grip on the #4 receiver spot and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him get looks when the Miami Dolphins go with their 21 personnel.

Skylar Thompson did what he did last week and that made impact plays using his strong arm.

He went 9/10 for 119 yards with the lone incompletion being a Lynn Bowden Jr. drop. He also had this gem of a throw for a TD to Zaquandre White.

We knew The Skylark had a strong arm but we weren’t completely sure he had it in him to get air under the ball with an elite touch. I think we know he has that club in the bag.

Mike McDaniel may have struck gold with Skylar Thompson. I see no way that he can put him on the practice squad because he will surely be picked up quickly. That means he should make the 53-man roster and that someone else, from another position group, will have to be cut.

Or, and this is big what if but what if Teddy Bridgewater is cut or dealt? That seems improbable but Skylar Thompson is going to be changing some of the plans McDaniel and Grier had.

Oh, and if I’m QB1, I’m not thinking for one second that McDaniel won’t insert Skylar in later in the year if he’s not getting the job done. It may be the best way for McDaniel to keep his job if this season goes off the rails. Weird things happen in sports. It’s not too far-fetched to believe that Mike McDaniel wouldn’t rip the Tua band-aid off and go with the player that he drafted.

At least we know Skylar Thompson and Erik Ezukanma can play. We’ll see a bunch of them later this week against Philly.