3 things we learned from the Miami Dolphins 2nd preseason game

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This portion of this wonderful Miami Dolphin article contains my notes. I saw and wrote down these notes and I really think you should see them. I take stupendous notes.

The defense that started the game got shredded on the first drive and ultimately gave up a TD to the Jared Stidham-led Raiders. Not good. But overall, the defense played better than last week.

Man alive the Miami Dolphins love bootlegs. I think we knew there would be more than last year but this has been a lot. The thing is, those bootlegs and play-action mean nothing if you can’t run the ball.

That ball that Tua threw to Mike Gesicki that went off Gesicki’s chest, I think it was just a timing issue. Tua had to rush it just a bit due to pressure and Gesicki hadn’t yet turned his head for it. Nobody’s fault is how I would score it.

Speaking of Mike Gesicki, he played into the 3rd quarter. He said this about it.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Mike Gesicki isn’t being discussed in a trade. McDaniel may think that Smythe is better for what he wants to do and Gesicki just can’t do the required blocking. I wouldn’t be shocked is what I’m saying.

Gesicki needs a lot more work. He was a big reason why Teddy took that safety. He whiffed on his block.

Teddy Bridgewater looks bad. That safety isn’t all on him but there was time to throw it away earlier and he didn’t. Skylar is coming for him. He also missed EZE for a big play that wasn’t a tough throw to make.

The Nik Needham injury I think isn’t a big deal. I know we all flipped out and yelled “why is he out there” when he injured his finger. But he was on the sideline later in the game so I think he’s alright.

Health-wise, the Dolphins got out of there pretty decent.

Chase Edmonds is fast and shifty. He can bring a ton to this offense.

Hey, River Cracraft with a couple of nice catches. I think he makes the team in some fashion possibly a practice squad candidate.

The Dolphins brought the power back, Sony Michel, in for a 2nd and 3rd and one. Got nothing each time. Then they lined up for 4th and one and Coleman jumps early. Terrific execution on all counts. Michel is not a guarantee to make this team especially if Zaquandre White is making plays.

Jason Sanders looked great out there. He looked great until it was time to go up with a minute left. He tugged it. Even though I didn’t like that he missed it, I’m currently not worried about him.

Porter Gustin had a nice game. He brought consistent pressure getting home once. I like how he uses leverage to dip under tackles.

Zach Sieler doing what he does best and that’s kill offenses. He had a nice sack early in the game.

It seemed like the Raiders brought a lot of edge pressure and it was giving the Dolphins issues. I think that’s what you’re going to see a lot from teams. They know that Miami is going to try and do damage with the bootlegs out of play-action. So they’re going to coach their ends and linebackers up and tell the backside end or linebackers to go upfield and stay home. Don’t go after the run away from you because the QB might be coming your way.

Hey, there’s Hunter Long with a catch. Good for him.

Mike McDaniel needs to ease up on the Tua lovefest after the game. Don’t tell me he did great when he was pretty much average. McDaniel wants to be authentic every time he speaks and sometimes it just comes off cringy. Like the interview with Dan LeBatard. You don’t need to be so hyperbolic at all times when discussing Tua. A little coach speak won’t hurt.