Noah Igbinoghene is still not showing signs of growth for Miami Dolphins

Noah Igbinoghene Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Noah Igbinoghene Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins made a mistake drafting Noah Igbinoghene and after two seasons, it appears that he still isn’t growing enough to make a positive impact.

Noah Igbinoghene is a converted college WR. He is one of the hardest working players on the Miami Dolphins roster but something isn’t clicking for him and time may be running out.

The chances of Igbinoghene making the 2022 roster is good but not because of his play. Instead, the lack of depth at corner is likely going to secure his roster spot but he may find himself once again, inactive on Sundays. That is if he makes the roster.

Many don’t see a reason to keep him around. His first week of work in the preseason was highlighted by mistakes and his second preseason game with significant time was highlighted by consistent mistakes. He should be better by now but he isn’t.

On Saturday night he missed tackles, took bad angles in coverage, and gave up critical yards in his coverage. On one third-down play, he gave a six-yard cushion to the receiver and didn’t adjust his body to follow the route.

Igbinoghene may very well, someday, become a serviceable corner but any hopes of him being a future starter simply remain out of reach. His inconsistency is more noticeable than the number of plays he actually makes, which can be counted on less than one hand.

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Many fans believe that he should go and I can’t find a reason to argue that or debate that point. The Dolphins may see something else on the practice field or behind the doors where the media and fans can’t go. Maybe there is something we are not seeing but if that doesn’t translate to the field where we can see it, then we can’t imagine something better is in store.

Will this be his last year in Miami? Probably but the bigger question is will he or should he make it to this year’s roster? For now, I would have to say no.