Miami Dolphins trade updates: Players who might be leaving before cuts

Preston Williams (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Preston Williams (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /
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There has been some talk that the Miami Dolphins could be ready to purge the running back room.

Myles Gaskin has not been running with the starters and hasn’t gotten a lot of playing time in the preseason but Salvon Ahmed has. One would speculate that Ahmed is being showcased as potential bait but according to some reports, the Dolphins have taken calls about Gaskin.

Trading Gaskin makes a lot of sense and if the rumors of an outside team’s interests are true, Miami should seriously consider making the deal unless they are 100% certain that he is making this roster. If that is the case, Miami would likely expect to get something better than just a late-round pick but Gaskin won’t pull a mid-round draft pick leaving Miami to decide if a 7th or keeping him is more valuable.

As for Ahmed, Miami would likely move him immediately if they could get something for him but there is nothing on the rumor front that they have been approached about Ahmed. The Dolphins are going to have tough decisions to make and Ahmed may not be part of Miami’s plans making a trade potentially unlikely if teams think he will be cut.