Should the Miami Dolphins trade tight end Mike Gesicki?

Mike Gesicki is officially on the trade market depending on who you talk to or what source you are thinking about hearing or following. This is quite obvious to anyone who follows the Miami Dolphins.  Mike G hasn’t been playing that well in Mike McDaniel’s offense, as his skill set for a true tight end is a little different this time around.

It’s unfortunate that you allocate over 10MM in salary cap to a player that you believed in during the offseason, but now when on the field that salary doesn’t justify his potential roster spot.  Mike could have left Miami this offseason and the Dolphins could have been in line with a potential compensatory pick (maybe a 3rd round in this upcoming 2023 NFL draft).  Now, the Dolphins are seeing Mike G for what he is – a slot receiver that has a tight end body.  Mike G build is the new type of hybrid Tight end that can create mismatches for linebackers as they are too fast, and too tall for opposing safeties or cornerbacks to handle.

This is how Mike G wanted to be deployed – not as a blocking tight end where he looks lost and to be honest a liability ( look at the safety that the Dolphins took against the Raiders in their 2nd preseason game and you can see the fault lies with Mike G).

MIAMI, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 01: Mike Gesicki #88 of the Miami Dolphins reacts against the Philadelphia Eagles during the fourth quarter at Hard Rock Stadium on December 01, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Mike McDaniel has an ideal build for his tight end – just think George Kittle.  Kittle is a beast of a player that loves contact and forces his body onto you.  Mike G is the opposite of Kittle in that aspect.  Since Mike G has been on the Dolphins, there have been zero highlights of him pancaking a player or even holding a block longer than 2 seconds.   In McDaniel’s offense, he believes in all players being blockers or options to block.  If you want to run the ball with success, wide receivers, tight ends, and fullbacks all have to block down the field.

So where does this leave the Miami Dolphins and Mike G, basically in a  sticky situation, with the best probability may be looking at a trade?

What might a trade for Mike Gesicki actually look like?

First trading Mike G will not be easy.  He’s got a 10MM cap hit and will be looking for a fat new contract.  Similar to the deal that Dallas Goedert got this past offseason, somewhere in the 4-year 45 Million range.  So whoever takes on Mike G has to be willing to trade an asset and give him a contract – which isn’t the most attractive package.

Taking all that into consideration, let’s see who are some potential targets;

Green Bay Packers:

One of my favorite players once upon a time was Jermichael Finley.  He was the definition of the hybrid Tight End that paved the way for Gronk, Kelce, and all other amazing talented tight ends players.  Finley hurt his body and ended his career shortly.  Since then the Packers have never replaced that type of talent.  Add in the fact that they traded their best asset in Devante Adams – they have a need for a pass-catching player that can make a difference.

Dolphins Get
2023 3rd round pick
Packers Get
Mike Gesicki

Indianapolis Colts:

Drew Ogletree was a player that the Colts had high expectations for, unfortunately, he suffered a season-ending injury and will not be back this season.  The Colts’ are in a win-now mode and adding to an offense that already includes Michael Pittman and Jonathan Taylor would be a match made in heaven for Mike G.

Dolphins Get
2023 5th round pick
2024 2nd round pick
Colts Get
Mike Gesicki

Jacksonville Jaguars

Doug Pederson is a former quarterback, and he knows that a tight end is a quarterback’s best friend. Yes, the Jags did sign Evan Engram this past offseason, but Engram can remain as an inline blocker and allow Mike G to spread wide.   The best part of the Jags deal is that Miami could look to trade players with assets, rather than just cap and draft pick allocation.

Dolphins Get
Tyson Campbell CB
2023 3rd round selection
Jaguars Get
Mike Gesicki

Getting Tyson for Miami would be a huge get as this former 2nd round selection has zero ties to the new front office.  Miami has uncertainty in their secondary and adding a young energized prospect and a draft pick would be a great deal for both teams

Long story short, McDaniel and Chris Grier, met this offseason and decided that Mike G could potentially work in his offense.  To that effect, they used the franchise tag to ensure Mike would be a part of the Dolphins team for this upcoming season.

Mike and Grier know that Mike is a pass-catching tight end.  His build, foundation, and game planning have been that.  Mike would have to go through a complete transformation to start rebuilding his body to be an inline blocker or a player that resembles George Kittle.  Mike doesn’t have the upper body strength to play at the line of scrimmage.

So how can the Dolphins make this work? They transition Mike G back to his previous role as a pass-catching tight end and use Durham Smythe and Hunter Long as their true tight ends.  The downside is that Mike G now becomes a situational player rather than a starter.  Also having a 10MM situational player is a high price to pay.

Can the Miami Dolphins make this workout?

CINCINNATI, OHIO – AUGUST 29: Hunter Long #84 of the Miami Dolphins runs with the ball in the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals during a preseason game at Paul Brown Stadium on August 29, 2021 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Dolphins are stacked in riches with their wide receiver depth.  Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Cedric Wilson, and the emergence of players throughout training camp will also be a factor in playing time so Mike has to go out and create that buzz.  Based on his training camp exposure his name hasn’t been called out that much. Things will change now that there is a spotlight around him until this drama has died down.

Mike G might or might not be on the trade block.  He might also not be a fit into McDaniel’s offense based on who you speak to or with.  This is the type of media attention that should be assigned to 10MM player. Mike G deserves better than that, and so do the Miami Dolphins.