Miami Dolphins: 3 things I’m specifically looking for in their last game

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Erik Ezukanma Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Erik Ezukanma Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Miami Dolphins have made the very wise move of being one of the select few to house a fullback. Alec Ingold, the Painmaker, will be a catalyst for this offense.

Not to step on Chris Jericho’s not often-used Painmaker gimmick, but Alec Ingold needed a badass name, and Painmaker just works for him.

We haven’t seen too much of Alec Ingold this training camp. But on Saturday we should be seeing him.

As I said, I don’t think we’ll see many starters on Saturday, but Alec Ingold will be one of the select few.

I do mean what I said when I said Ingold will be a catalyst for the offense this year. I think Mike McD falls asleep every night thinking about how much misdirection he’s going to do just because Ingold is in the game.

You think Alec Ingold is in the game and that the Dolphins are probably just going to run it? That they’ll just run some sort of zone running play and then like Boom! Tough Actin Tinactin, Tua is booting the other way and throwing for an easy chunk play. That’s what I envision happening with Ingold in the game.

Now, that’s not to say that Alec Ingold won’t be adhering to his mantra of low-man wins and bringing his feet to clear the way for the running backs. He will be. There will be plenty of times where he’ll be digging holes and taking souls Undertaker style as he blows linebackers up. I’m just saying the passing game will use him as a decoy plenty.

He’ll also get a few balls thrown his way. He’s not going to be Kyle Juszczyk, but he’ll be something else. He’s going to be the Painmaker and I can’t wait to see him do his work on Saturday.